Thursday, September 22, 2011


Quick post on our progress today, Starbuck behaved really well both while leading and also on the longe line!  She only did her backing up and refusing to go forward thing once and towards the end she was really attentive to my vocal cues for walk and trot.

Here was our lesson plan:
  • Friendly game with halter all over her body
  • Grooming and tacking up at the tying posts: Rope Halter, Leg protectors, Saddlepad, and Surcingle
  • Leading at a walk in the arena for about 5 minutes
  • Longeing at the walk and trot
  • Long pause playing friendly game with longe whip
  • Porcupine game on hindquarters
  • Longeing at the walk and trot working on transitions
  • Leading at a walk to cool down
I really think it's important to mix things up and make sure I reward her with lots of pauses, we'll see how things progress in the next few weeks!

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