This page will be updated every time I think Starbuck or I have learned a new skill.


  • Intermediate English riding techniques
  • Some very low-key jumping
  • Lots of trail riding experience
  • Basic Dressage training
Grooming, etc...
  • Getting tacked up with bridle, saddlepad, saddle and leg protectors.
  • Sacking out with a plastic bag, tarp, umbrella and brightly colored rag.
  • We can play the Friendly Game all over her body with a lariat, crop, my hands, plastic bag, etc...
  • She also loves to be showered and groomed.
  • Lifting and picking out all four hooves.
  • Having hooves trimmed by a farrier.
  • Staying at a safe distance when I'm bringing her food.
  • Calmly leading over a tarp.
  • Halter training.
  • Standing tied.
  • Ground tying for short periods.
  • Leading.
  • Longeing.
  • Changing gait on vocal cue from walk to trot to canter and back.
  • Yielding hind and forequarters to direct and indirect pressure.
  • Sidepassing to direct pressure.
  • Backing up both with direct feel and by wagging my finger and saying "back".
  • Lateral flexion of the neck from halter / bit pressure.
  • Lowering head on cue from direct pressure to the poll.
  • Being mounted and dismounted from both sides.
  • Standing still before, during and after being mounted.
  • Walking forward to leg pressure.
  • "Steering" to the right and left from bit pressure.
  • Flexing her head without moving her feet.