This page is dedicated to the equipment we use and why we use it.  It's also a wishlist.

Note: The links are just to give you an idea of what I'm talking about, they're not an endorsement of any product or store!!!
  • Rope halter: I use this halter for lungeing and lead training since it puts more pressure on the poll and nose than a normal halter, giving me more control over Starbuck.
  • Normal nylon web halter: I use this halter for grooming, bathing and any other time Starbuck needs to be tied to a post.  It's more fragile than the rope halter and since it's wider, would hurt her less if she pulled back suddenly.
  • Cavesson: For a while, I used the Cavesson interchangeably with the rope halter for lungeing since it encourages forward movement, but I find the rope halter to give me the most control over Starbuck's movement.
  • Dressage whip: I have a 3 1/2 foot long dressage whip which I use for sacking out with a plastic bag or rag or whatever tied to the tassel end, it's also useful for keeping Starbuck out of my personal space (when leading or bringing her food for instance) and I also use the butt end to play the Porcupine game.*
  • Longe whip: At first I tried longeing without a whip but have decided that it's way easier to use one, and giving her long rubbing sessions with the whip during her breaks and before and after each training sessions keeps her from fearing it.*  It's about 5 feet long with a slightly longer string on the end.
  • Heavy cotton 10 foot long lead rope: I use the lead rope for desensitizing Starbuck to "cinchy" feelings as well as just swinging it across her back and around her legs, I also have used it to pick up her hind feet and to simulate a bit before putting her bridle on for the first time.  Oh yeah, and I use it for leading ;P
  • Light cotton 24 foot long longe line: Surprisingly I use this for longeing ;-)
  • Leg protectors: I wish I had used these from the start!  They wrap around the leg and fasten with velcro in order to keep young horses from kicking themselves or hurting themselves if they stumble over something.
  • Surcingle: Starbuck sometimes wears a surcingle while longeing to get her used to the feeling of something around her girth and on her back while she moves.  It can also be used to attach sidereins or other devices.
  • Saddlepad: We used this for sacking out before she was ever saddled, then used it under the surcingle and now mostly just use it under the saddle.
  • English Saddle: Before I started riding her, we used it for longeing and for leading around the stable yard so she wouldn't be surprised to feel the saddle if she went up and down hills, etc...  Now we use it for riding!
  • Spanish-style bridle and D-Ring snaffle bit with copper rollers: Now I'm trying to use the bridle a little bit every time we train; I attach the longe line to the bit for some longeing once Starbuck's warmed up and calmed down and then use the longe line or reins to work on leading, lateral flexion with pressure from the bit, yielding fore- and hindquarters and sidepassing.  I took the noseband off so I know she's responding to the bit feel rather than to pressure on her nose.
  • String: Any time I have to tie Starbuck to a post, I make a loop using the string used to tie up bales of hay and tie her to that; that way if she really freaks out she can break away from the post (hopefully without destroying her nice new halter!)
  • Roundpen: Here we work on respect and control at liberty (without a halter or lead rope), I also took my first unassisted ride here.
*A note about whips: These should never be used for "hitting" your horse except in situations where life or limb are at stake and your horse should accept them to be as normal as a halter or line and never fear them!  If your horse fears a whip or crop, try using it for rubbing or scratching more than you use it for riding or training.  There is a special technique for using the longe whip and speaking from experience I recommend you practice with an experienced horse before ever trying to longe a green horse.