Sunday, May 17, 2015

In Hand Collage

OK so Daniela my dressage instructor has gone back to Germany and then she'll be in Ireland for the next couple of years - great for her, not so great for me :S  I'm glad I have her video training site to watch for inspiration, and luckily we were able to make a lot of progress before she left :D

But to top things off Starbuck has somehow injured her right shoulder - she doesn't want to extend that leg fully and limps at the trot.  So my vet recommends paddock rest along with 30 minutes of walks daily in addition to the insanely expensive joint supplement Starbuck will be taking for the next month.  Most days we just walk down the road to Sa Fita, where I took those jumping lessons last year, but I figure a little in hand work in mostly straight lines won't be too terrible.  I'm especially careful to not make sharp turns to the right or work on any lateral movements at all so as not to load her shoulder and I'm pretty sure my vet wouldn't be 100% on board, but I figure it's better than her spooking on a walk and doing some of her patented piaffe - rear - buck moves whenever a truck passes / pheasant shoots out of the bush / dog barks close by / leaf falls off a tree.

And since I was able to convince my husband to come take pictures today I have a fabulous collage to share!

Have a great Sunday folks!

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