Wednesday, September 7, 2011


This is just a quick post to record how well Starbuck behaved today, Javi's help the other day really did the trick.  I think the other thing that helped was mixing things up a little and making a lesson plan before starting to work.  This is what we did, all in the space of about an hour:

  • Friendly game with a new brightly coloured rag.
  • Tie up with other horses near arena, groom and pick up feet.
  • Lead around the arena at a walk.
  • Porcupine game on hind and forequarters.
  • Longeing on a short (2 meter) line at the walk and a slow trot- she did this really really well and only turned to face me once!
  • Tie up with other horses near arena.
  • Shower (Starbuck's stepping slowly and controlledly off the shower platform these days!)
  • Then I gave her a brand and linseed mix and some fresh alfalfa as a treat and we were done!
So we'll keep trying to plan more training sessions like this one in the future and see if it pays off, we'll keep you posted!

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