Monday, September 12, 2011


Once again this is just a quick post to record how well Starbuck trained today and the lesson plan we worked from, we got a lot of complements from people around the barn (even from Marina, the owner of the stable) about how much she's improving!
  • Standing tied at the tying post, lifting each foot several times (but I'm still not able to hold them for longer than a fraction of a second).
  • Friendly game with dressage whip.
  • Leading in a circle (at the walk) crossing a pole on the ground (first time).  Here she did great on the left hand circle (walking to my right) but not so well on the right (walking to my left).  I've seen this longeing too, to the right she seems to want to crowd me and stop a lot... something to work on and keep in mind.
  • Porcupine game on hindquarters, she's moving a few steps at a time now!
  • Longeing without the jump pole at the walk and trot, working on transitions from walk to trot to walk.
  • Short 2 minute break while I patted her and let her rest.
  • Longeing over the jump pole at the walk to the right and left.
  • Longeing over the jump pole at the trot to the right and left (once again she did great to the left but not to the right at both gaits, so I worked her a little longer on the right).
  • Leading at a walk around the arena to cool down.
  • Lots of praise and petting at the end of the session.

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