Friday, September 16, 2011

Pretty in Green

Today the set of stuff I ordered (bright green Zaldi leg protectors, saddlepad, halter, lead rope and polar leg wraps) came so I got Starbuck all dressed up in her leg protectors for the first time (these are to keep her from kicking herself or hurting herself stumbling on a bar or something else while she trains).  To say the very least, at first she was not sure at all that these were a good idea and hobbled around trying to shake them off for a little while, but after a while she finally got used to them and we went out to train in her full gear (including surcingle).  I think giving her time to assimilate all this before working helped her to be a lot calmer when we finally went out to the arena, because she behaved pretty well.  So here are some funny photos of her trying out the protectors for the first time:
What is this animal that's wrapped itself around my leg?

Are you sure this is OK????

Are these things even good to eat?

Whoah!!!!  This is just not right!!

So what are these things again???

Finally getting used to this but still not liking it (check out those ears)...

And finally a good neckrub from our friend Salva, when she really enjoys a good scratch she sticks out her upper lip like a camel ;P

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