Sunday, September 11, 2011

First Aid

Today Starbuck was lying down and rolling around a little when I went to see her and rolling her lip (Flehmen response) and didn't get up even when I went into her paddock-- all signs of colic... So I took her out to walk around a little and longed her at a slow trot for about 20 minutes and then gave her a nice cold shower.  After that she went straight for her hay, pooped and finally was back to her old self again so after watching her for a couple of hours to make sure she was fine I was able to breathe easy.  But I got to thinking that I should really learn more about first aid and standard disease treatment for horses; so here are some links I've found with some useful information!  And as an extra, a photo of Starbuck making friends with one of the barn kitties... awwwww!

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