Friday, December 9, 2011


I have to admit, I wasn't planning to put a blanket on Starbuck at all this winter, hoping that her furry coat, metabolism and her hay-filled, three-sided shelter would be enough to keep her warm.  I mean, we're not exactly in Siberia here.  And according to the folks at, that should be the case as long as it's not raining or windy.  But apparently rain takes away the coat's ability to insulate the horse's skin from the cold and the wind sucks away body heat, which I noticed when we were sacking out with the umbrella-- it wasn't even that cold (I was just wearing a normal hoodie and a slicker) but she was shivering and obviously miserable about the temperature.  So I started thinking it would be nice for her to have a blanket only for rainy or even snowy nights this winter (yes, apparently it does snow here on Mallorca from time to time).  So great, another expense, right?

But my amazing friend Virginia, proud owner of Coco, has once again come to the rescue!  Coco has outgrown her old blanket and Vir got her a new one yesterday, handing me down the old blanket.  We tried it on Starbuck yesterday and it's a little big but otherwise perfect for my girl!!!  So here she is, modelling it:

And here are some helpful links on blanketing (or not):

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