Monday, December 26, 2011

Fifth Ride

Today Starbuck and I had our fifth ride, she's so very very good that I think I'll take her out to the big arena next time, maybe with my friend Virginia on her horse Coco leading the way.  Although we still need help to transition up to the trot and I'm still having to nag her to keep moving forward, I'm thinking that being in a more open space will help her feel less claustrophobic.  Her trot is SOOOOO comfortable, once we're solid on the cues and maintaining momentum I can tell that even a seated trot on her will be marvelous :D

The other biggy today was that at one point she kind of spooked and broke into a canter for a couple of strides, so at least now she knows that she can canter with me on her back.  And like I told my friend Belén who was helping us out in the middle of the roundpen, every time she slows down to a walk or stop on her own is just another opportunity to practice upward transitions!

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