Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Presents

My husband gives the best gifts ever.  Really.  For example, he made a lifelong dream come true by giving me Starbuck for my birthday this year, and always picks out something I really want or need, even if I'm not aware of it yet.  But pickings have been kind of slim lately and we had talked about skipping Christmas presents altogether this year, so I wasn't expecting anything extravagant.  Silly me!

Up until now I've been recording all the videos for this blog on my phone and either relying on friends to take videos or lodging my phone between branches of orange trees.  So when I opened the present I found under the tree and found a GorillaMobile flexible cellphone tripod I was superpsyched!  I've actually thought once or twice about trying to find one but hadn't mentioned it and am really impressed at what a thoughtful present it is. But as soon as I started trying it out, he said something like "Wait, it doesn't fit your cell phone perfectly, try this instead" and gave me another giftwrapped box... thinking it would be another version of the tripod I opened it and lo and behold it was a Samsung camcorder!  Wow!!!  It's got 65x zoom and all kinds of settings and it's really light weight and red... I love it!  And it works perfectly with the Gorilla flexible tripod, so no more bugging passersby to record training sessions :D

So as soon as it had a decent charge on it, I headed out to the stable.  One of the kids at the barn had asked me to ride his horse Gladys while he was out of town for Christmas, so I took her out and saddled her up: I don't want to get completely out of shape riding-wise, so I've been trying to ride at least once every week and a half or so.  Wow was it obvious she hadn't been out of her paddock in a while-- she had LOTS of energy!  She was also a little freaked out by someone else riding her and tried to see what she could get away with-- lots of head shaking and going too fast and she even got a few bucks in before I got her head up.  But it was fun and my back sure feels better-- I don't know why but cantering seems to do me more good than a chiropracter!  I also took a very long video of our ride to see how I can improve my seat (I need to keep my lower legs further back and NOT BOUNCE!!!) which I'll probably upload to Youtube but won't torture you with here.

Finally, I took Starbuck out for what I planned to be a fairly low-key session of longeing over some cavaletti poles, working on holding a circle and paying attention to what's beneath her feet.  But the dogs were barking, I had chosen the "scary" side of the arena and the wind started gusting, so it ended up being anything but chill.  In the end we got some good reps in, so I'm happy.  Here's the video, taken with my NEW CAMCORDER held in place by my NEW TRIPOD!!!

Hope you enjoy, merry Christmas everyone!!!

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