Monday, November 7, 2011

Training in the Rain

Yesterday it was raining cats and dogs but I wanted to work a little with Starbuck anyway, so I decided to break out my umbrella for some sacking out.  She seemed to be a little sore around her flanks so I just worked on head and neck for now but later this week I'll take the umbrella back and get her 100% used to it being rubbed and opened over and under every part of her body.  But she was really good and sweet and actually discovered that she loved licking the rain off the umbrella XD.

My saint-like husband tagged along and got some great pics, enjoy!
 Starting out small...
 Getting her interested by showing the folded umbrella, letting her lip it and walking away.
 Opening the umbrella for the first time from afar.
After a while she gets curious about this new "toy". 
 Walking backwards keeps it nonthreatening.
 What's all this then?
 To the side...
 To the side once again...
 Why won't you let me eat the toy???
 Oooh, that's flappy around my ears!!!
 Hmmmm.... do you have a treat?
 So.... no treat, huh?
Ending the session by opening and closing the umbrella so she gets used to the noise and change in shape.

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