Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dirty Girl

When I got to the stable today after 5 straight days of rain, I found out that Starbuck likes to roll in the mud... she was so dirty-- absolutely caked in mud-- I just had to take a few shots :P  Her winter coat is coming in strong and she's starting to feel like a stuffed animal (on the non-muddy spots), I can't wait to see how she'll look in the dead of winter!

Now that Daylight Savings is full on and it gets dark at like 5 p.m. I've been taking long lunches to go to the stable, which I think is actually more conducive to her focussing on the lessons.  Today we did a little longeing and some driving work (me cuing her to go forward from her side without touching her) and she behaved really really well!  Which is extra surprising considering that we hadn't done much of anything structured since Saturday... maybe my friend Gaby of Gredos Ecuestre is right and young horses do their best with a few days off in between training sessions.

Food for thought...

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