Sunday, November 20, 2011

Roundpen Video

After we finished building the roundpen yesterday I wanted to give it a try, so last night I read up on Sylvia Scott's and John Lyons' roundpenning techniques and led Starbuck in there.  It took about 45 minutes in all, working at a trot in order to not tire her out too much, and I think for a first try it went really well!  I got to the point where I could consistently get her to turn around and then when I stopped she would come up behind me and follow me for a while (until she got hungry and would start munching on the plants which are still growing inside the roundpen).

So for the coming week or two I plan to work in the roundpen a few more times until I can control her feet 100% using only my body language.  Specifically what I'm looking for is:
  • Control of speed and gait.
  • Change direction facing towards me.
  • Follow me in circles, straight lines and zig zags.
  • Stop on cue and stand ground tied.
  • Turn her head (and body if necessary) to look at me when I "kiss" to her and keep looking at me.
  • Come to me on cue.

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