Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Cruising Youtube for roundpen techniques I happened upon a few videos from Josh Lyons about teaching your horse to do tricks and got interested... I'm always looking for low-key things I can work on during Starbuck and my lessons to mix them up and keep her on her toes, and it turns out that you can teach most tricks in multiple 10 minute a day sessions.  So in between longeing, giving to the bit, yielding fore and hindquarters and sidepassing work I'm going to try to work in a few minutes of trick training in every lesson.

The first thing I'm planning to teach her is to give me a hug (although using negative instead of positive reinforcement-- the release of pressure instead of treats), then I'll work on bowing and laying down.  I would love to have her bow and mount that way, then have her get up, I just think it'd be so cool!  Below are some videos I found either instructive or just plain fun:

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