Tuesday, October 18, 2011

¡Viva Gredos!

So the San Pedro de Alcántara route with Gredos Ecuestre was marvelous!!!  I feel like I really learned a lot and really had to call on all of my riding skills, from simply finding the muscles to ride about 70 km in two days to negotiating steep ascents and descents on rocky mountain faces to keeping my horse under control when he was nearly run over by a runaway burro cart!  And of course the company, landscapes and food were amazing as always, so I had a really wonderful weekend all in all.  For anyone who is looking to do a horseback route in Spain (from an hour and a half to five days), I highly recommend Gredos Ecuestre: the horses are feisty yet extremely well behaved and experienced, the countryside is incredibly varied (I've now ridden about 6 full days in that area and haven't done the same route twice) and the people are amazing.

Here are some photos of the trip, enjoy!
If the Energizer Bunny were a horse he would be Lince.

Ricardo shows us a lovely sidepass with Rif

Riding through landscapes like these I feel like I'm in a watercolour painting.

That's the donkey cart that ran me over!!!!

Gaby enjoying a little solitude and a chance for a nice relaxed gallop up the hill

Refeuling at the town fountain in Hontanares

And of course this is Spain so the route included siesta time!

Crossing the dehesa...

Gaby and Viana in all their glory!

 What a group!!!!

Enjoying a relaxing and delicious picnic lunch on the banks of the river Tietar!

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