Sunday, October 9, 2011


Today Starbuck had a really good day!  I was surprised because it was really windy and she seemed a bit tetchy when I took her out of her paddock but after a couple of bunny hops she smoothed right out and did great.  We longed for about 20 minutes with the saddle on and the stirrups down, then we played a little porcupine game, walked and trotted in-hand, and worked on lateral flexion.  After that, we took a long walk around the stable yard with the saddle on, working on stopping when I stop, not getting ahead of me and backing up when I jiggle the lead line.

Seeing how calm she was, I took her over to the mounting block (actually a sawed off tree trunk) and stood up there with her next to me and just petted her and talked to her until she was used to my new height.  In the end I also leaned over the saddle a little, putting part of my weight on her, and also put my foot in the stirrup and "scratched" her girth and side with my boot toe.  My friends were trying to convince me to get on already but I think I'm still not ready, at any rate next week I'm going out of town for four days and when I get on her for the first time I want to ride her a little bit every day for at least a week.

All in all it was a great day and I'm really pleased with how things are going!

BTW thanks again to Salva for the amazing photos!!! :D

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