Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This week:
  • Be able to pick up and clean Starbuck's hooves without her pulling them away.
  • Drive Starbuck forward from beside her without pressure on the halter.
  • Train Starbuck to flex her head right and left with action from the bit.
This month:
  • Make consistent 3 or 4s on at least half the report card.
  • Have Starbuck's hooves trimmed by a farrier.
  • Ride Starbuck for the first time!!!
Next month:
  • Make consistent 4 or 5s on at least half the report card.
  • Be able to do a one-rein stop.
  • Teach Starbuck leg aid cues to walk, trot and canter.
6 months:
  • Make consistent 4 or 5s on 3/4 of the report card.
  • Take Starbuck on a two to three hour long trail ride.
  • Ride calmly and correctly at a walk, trot and canter.
  • Teach Starbuck to trailer load calmly and take her on her first short trip.
1 year:
  • Make consistent 4s and 5s on the entire report card.
  • Be able to take Starbuck on all day trail rides.
  • Make small jumps and do basic dressage work.
2 years: 
  • Take Starbuck on the Camino de Santiago or to Gredos for a five day trip.
  • Ride Starbuck in some kind of show.

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