Monday, October 3, 2011


Thanks to Javi's help, today I was able to pick Starbuck's front hooves for the first time!  She's still pretty leery about the hind feet but she now stands patiently and calmly while I hold the hoof, clean out the dirt (there surprisingly wasn't very much) and even tap on the hoof wall with the hoof pick.  So yet another step to add to our grooming routine :-)  The truth is that at first I had expected for this to be easier and quicker and then kind of despaired when we didn't seem to make a lot of progress, so the fact that we've finally accomplished this very special step really means a lot to me.  Needless to say, after our work session this afternoon I gave my babygirl a long massage and extra bran mash to celebrate!

The other big news is that yesterday and today I've been putting a saddle on Starbuck (without the girth) for a few minutes at the end of our training and she's been supercool about it!  So tomorrow maybe I'll put the girth on and see how she deals with that and later this week I'll longe her with it on... this will be the real test since she won't really notice the saddle until she starts moving.  So stay tuned for our rodeo audition when that happens XD

All in all good progress, I'm superpleased with how it's all going and so so grateful to this wonderful filly who is putting up with all of it!

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