Sunday, August 7, 2011

How it all started...

A few months ago I started to notice a sweet little filly at the stable where I take riding lessons.  She would nicker when I passed her paddock and seemed to always be looking in my direction when I was working with other horses nearby.  When I asked about her I was told that she was an almost 3 year old Hannoverian and Anglo Arab mix with no training and that I could buy her for next to nothing.  I started spending a little time with her getting her used to being around people and pretty soon was completely in love.

Seeing how infatuated I was, my wonderful husband decided to give me the birthday present I'd been asking for since I was 5 years old, which is how a first time horse owner like me ended up with this sweet green filly who's never worn a saddle or had a bit in her mouth.

I have to say that I'm still pretty intimidated by training Starbuck myself, having never even worked with a horse without years of experience under its belt.  But thanks to having amazing friends who have trained horses themselves, an ever expanding library on training techniques and the huge amount of information available on-line, I feel like it's something I can undertake with enthusiasm and at least a little confidence.

I hope you enjoy our mishaps, triumphs and anecdotes and most of all I hope that our journey helps others to have the confidence and know-how to do the same.

Wish me luck!!!

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