Friday, August 12, 2011


When I got Starbuck the woman who runs the stable we're at recommended I deworm her, so I got this all-natural Italian deworming paste with garlic and cod liver oil and other yummy ingredients called Svermilan from my local saddle shop but still wasn't sure how to go about giving it to her.  I started looking online as usual and found some articles and videos; with their help and the fact that Starbuck was hungry I was able to give her all the paste with no problem (such a good girl...).

At any rate, here's what I've learned.

  • Basically deworming a horse is like deworming a cat or dog but with the added complication that horses have more delicate stomachs, so it's best to do it pretty often (every 2-4 months).  
  • Uncontrolled parasites can affect a horse's attitude, coat, physical condition and even cause anemia, colic and chronic lesions.
  • You should also switch deworming products every time so you're getting to the widest range of parasites possible (some parasites aren't affected by certain deworming products).
  • Unless the package states otherwise, give your horse deworming paste on an empty stomach.  That way they'll reap the full benefit of the active ingredients.
  • If your horse hates the way the deworming paste tastes, empty the tube and fill it with apple sauce periodically to "deworm" them with something yummy.
  • Be sure to give the right amount of deworming solution for your horse's size and weight (since Starbuck's still a filly, I gave her half the tube one week and the other half a week later).

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