Monday, June 25, 2012


I meant to publish this on Friday and completely forgot...

Starbuck definitely did something painful to her right front leg, she's got a little swelling right above her pastern on that leg but the vet says it's nothing to worry about, especially since she's getting better.  So bute and rest for a week.  I'm sure she'll be psyched about having a little vacation and I'll try to get a lesson in on one of Marina's horses at some point.  Also, it'll give us a chance to work on "boring" stuff like ground tying and lowering her head on cue.

As far as the fly thing goes, it apparently is an allergic reaction (sweet itch or similar, thanks to an anonymous reader for the tip!).  Treatment consists of frequent showers using a Chlorhexidine shampoo, aloe vera straight from the plant on the bites and fly spray to keep the flies from biting in the first place.  Here are some "before" shots of her neck and cheeks where the reaction is the worst, sorry they're kind of gross but I want to be able to compare in a few weeks to see if it's working.

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