Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Twins (and a cute kitty)!

On Sunday I went to a horse show with some friends since some of the kids at my stable were competing, and in the interval between the ,8 meter jump course and the 1 meter jump course we took a walk around to check out the digs.  And what do you know?  I found Starbuck's twin!  I mean she's not really a twin, her parents are different horses and she's not even the same breed - Starbuck's Thoroughbred / Zweibrucker and this filly (her name is "Cariñosa" which means "Affectionate" in Spanish) is a PRE (Pure bred Spanish, in other words Andalusian).  But I was so struck by the similarities (especially with how Starbuck looked when I first discovered her) that I had to take some pictures.  I've mixed in some old pictures of Starbuck so you can play a guessing game to try to see which is which (OK, at least one's a dead giveaway but the rest aren't so easy - I'll publish the answers in the next post)!

I also finally ran into my beautiful kitty cat again who I'm in love with, she's now had her kittens (which I'm pretty sure are in the next plot over so I can't get to them - booooo!!!) and she's ravenously hungry so I gave her lots of kitty food and picked some ticks off her as she ate - yes I keep not only horse food but also cat food at the barn, I gotta keep my barn kitties happy!  Then I watched as she drank from the horse water buckets, I've seen the other cats do this too and always think it's so cute... especially with Rodrigo, the paint horse in the background, I just had to take some pictures :)  As you can see her colouring's really interesting, she's a calico but with grey and yellow tiger patterned spots instead of the standard cafe au lait and black spots. I'm actually glad her kittens are out of reach since if I found another little girl like her I'd just HAVE to take her home.


Ashley @ The North Carolina Cowgirl said...

Love the paint! He is super cute!

Starbuck's Human said...

Thanks! He's a real sweetie too, before I got Starbuck I used to ride him a lot in my lessons :-)