Friday, March 9, 2012

Tack Locker!

I finally found a second-hand cabinet which was deep enough for my saddle to fit into for only 30€ and the guy selling it was even willing to bring it to the stable!  So they delivered it today and Mario, the Portuguese handyman at my barn, helped me attach the saddle rack and a couple of hooks for bridles, halters, etc... I'm superpleased with it - there's room for absolutely everything and I won't need to wedge my saddle under the shelf in the corner of the tack room anymore!  Just need to bring a padlock tomorrow and I'll be set!

In other news, Virginia's and my Parelli big green ball arrived and we've been slowly getting Coco and Starbuck used to it... so you can look forward to the videos soon!  Also today I started supplementing Starbuck's midday grain ration with paprika to see if her coat stays darker - hope it works!

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