Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dressage followup

I thought this was so funny and just had to share... in Spain offices will often supply an annual medical checkup for their employees - basic bloodwork, vision, hearing and vitals check along with the doctor's advice for keeping your work environment as healthy and safe as possible, you know, all that having good posture, getting up and stretching once an hour, staying hydrated kind of stuff...

Anyhow today I had mine and the doctor after looking at my spine and posture said the following to me:

  • You tend to keep your arms straight to get to the mouse and keyboard - try bending them at a 90º angle and you won't have as much shoulder tension.
  • You're also hollowing your back and sticking out your butt too much, standing and sitting this way causes lower back pain.
Sound familiar?  It's almost word-for-word what Daniela told me in my dressage clinic on Sunday... These ladies have me pegged!  Apparently my riding posture and my office posture are similar, which is actually great if you think about it because I'll be able to "practice" a correct riding posture all day long :-)

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