Friday, February 3, 2012

Photo Friday: It snowed!

I promise!  I was at the stable at lunchtime as usual and it was raining pretty hard for Mallorca (that means more than 10 raindrops a minute) and was chilly-- I sure was glad to have put Starbuck's blanket on yesterday.    Anyhow I was topping off the straw in her stall so she'd have a nice soft warm bed tonight and giving her a little extra hay to keep her busy and all of a sudden my jacket started making noise.  Except it wasn't my jacket but the SNOW falling on it... little white juicy sleety flakes of it.

I grinned ear-to-ear (I always claim to hate snow but when it first starts falling I feel like a giddy kid) and called out to Starbuck to come out and play, but she just huddled further into her shed.  So I took a picture of her butt through the snow (which is of course completely invisible in the photo-- the snow I mean, not her butt) and then walked around to the front of her shed to take another one.  While I debated sending a text message to Marina who was on her lunch break to come out and play, it stopped snowing and started just raining again.  So it snowed for like a minute and a half, but hey, I was there to enjoy it with my baby girl!

Since I was pretty bored, I took some more photos of her and her roommate Meline, here goes.  Doesn't she look nice and toasty with her blankie? (thanks Virginia!!!)

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