Sunday, February 5, 2012

More Snow!

Forget Friday's post-- yesterday we woke up to a thick white blanket of snow covering Palma and yet more still coming down!  Worried that it would melt as the morning went on, I hurried to get dressed and drove (carefully) out to the stable only to find that it was snowing even harder there!  After helping Marina and Javi fix some fencing which had gone down with the weight of the snow, laying down a fresh layer of nice fluffy hay in Starbuck's shed and making sure she was warm and dry under her blanket, I took a bunch of photos.

In the end two of the other owners Virginia and Selina took their horses Coco and Monty out to the big vacant lot, but seeing as how even the grown up horses were freaking out and prancing around with the snow everywhere, I didn't want to have a battle of wills on wet, slippery terrain.  So Starbuck stayed in her paddock much to my dismay and envy when I saw how happy the others were running around in the snow... still, with her limpiness the other day and not being used to her plus-sized blanket and my clumsiness I think it was the right decision.  Anyhow here are some of the photos, you can check out the rest on Facebook (even if you don't have a FB account).

Anyone who thinks I might be overstating my clumsiness just take a look at this graceful stance...

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