Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year

Happy New Year everyone!  Today was a beautiful day and a terrific start to the new year, for the second year in a row I woke up with a minimal hangover and the weather was fabulous-- about 65º F and sunny-- I had to take off my sweatshirt and roll up my sleeves after a little while!

Since Starbuck was so good yesterday and I rode her a little longer than I had planned to I decided to give her a break and get some cleaning done-- my tack has been getting a little grimey lately.  I also think scrubbing things by hand in a bucket is good for the soul every now and then, especially if you can do it on a lovely sunny day while watching hawks soar over the Sierra de Tramuntana!  So I cleaned all my brushes, two halters, some rags, summer gloves, leg protectors and my half chaps as well as Starbuck's water buckets and the brushbox, then I mucked out her stall and paddock, hiding some carrots in the fresh straw of her bedding.  It took longer than I thought so afterwards I had to rush home lugging a plastic bag with my bridle and other extraneous leather bits to grease this evening, but all in all it was a highly productive day!
Back home my husband and I welcomed the new year with a southern (american) tradition: Hoppin' john!  This is a dish of rice and black-eyed peas (since this is Spain I spiced 'em up with some Chorizo), along with greens (traditionally collard or turnip greens but we compromised with kale) and cooked carrot rounds.  Each food symbolizes a wish for the coming year: rice is for love, the peas are for health, the carrots are for coins and the greens are for paper money.  I'm not a huge bean fan but I sure cleaned my plate anyway!
Here's hoping the new year brings all this and more to you and yours!!!

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