Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Lazy Day Photos

Yesterday we had a lazy day at the barn at lunchtime, these bi-weekly pilates classes are really kicking my ass.  So Virginia and I just set the two girls loose in a makeshift paddock and let them graze for a while and I felt inspired to take some pictures... so here goes!

This is my tack "flocker" (fake locker) made of a plastic trunk someone threw away which I stood on one side and keep closed with some hooks and a hair tie-- on Sunday I was feelin' handy and organized it with some more hooks, some plastic boxes and a nasty old board with some tetanus nails sticking out of it for a shelf to put my shoes and helmet on.  I think it's turned out real nice as we say in the South and all in all it's cost me about 8 euros.  Score!

Here's Starbuck looking particularly fuzzy next to her fabulous shed!

Grazing with the daisies...

Checkin' out the sights-- it's so nice to be able to put up a makeshift paddock with electrical tape wherever there are a few conveniently placed trees... even if we don't connect the tape to any current they still respect it as long as you don't leave them for more than a couple of hours.  This is one of the things I love about this barn is how laid back they are about stuff like this as long as everyone more or less respects everyone else.

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