Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Trail Ride Vids

I'm still on a GoPro kick - I figure when I'm old and grey and can no longer ride (or just in the winter when it's rained for two weeks straight) it'll be fun to look back at these moments.  I also find it tells me interesting things about my riding - the video is much more jarring at a seated trot than I'd like.  Anyhow on Sunday we went out on our classic two-hour, 8 km trail ride and I strapped on the camera again - I guess the camera only records for an hour because about half the ride is missing.  Anyhow the part that was recorded is in my opinion the best part and we'll go back soon anyway so I'm not worried.

Anyhow in case you're interested in the type of terrain we ride through I've uploaded a couple of the prettiest bits which also happen to be spots where we trot and canter.  And if you're interested in seeing more including Starbuck's stellar behavior on country roads, you can see all the videos from the trail ride here.

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