Saturday, January 18, 2014

A glimpse of Spring

Lessons were cancelled due to rain but I decided to head out to the stable anyway and boy am I glad. The rain stopped on my drive over and my friend Virginia and I decided to go on a trail ride, where we were pleasantly surprised by the first almond trees blooming! So I thought I'd share some photos of my lovely Saturday morning and of the promise of Spring.

So here you have almond blossoms,  Starbuck enjoying her post-ride fresh ryegrass treat, more almond blossoms, one of the stable's orange trees and Starbuck trying on her new flysheet. Note that even tied to her stall, she managed to stain it in the first five seconds. That's my girl ;p

By the way she behaved really well on the trail ride, I got off and walked her across the one-lane highway we have to cross because she was worried about the traffic and slipping on the asphalt (my farrier forgot to put studs or whatever they're called in English on her shoes last time), but otherwise she was really relaxed and brave, not to mention a fantastic energetic walk.  And we saw the cutest baby goat!

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