Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Training Plan

Just checking in - yesterday had an interesting group lesson with Starbuck where she had a couple of gnarly spooks but I didn't fall off and we didn't trample anyone to death so yay us!  We did back up into another student and her horse, who is luckily a very laid-back guy who doesn't mind young fillies bumping into him.  The student was a little more worried but no harm, no foul, right?  At any rate by halfway through the lesson Starbuck was finally working very well, stretching forward and down and giving me a nice rhythmic trot as long as I posted, although she seemed a little sore when I went for a seated trot.

We also got not one but TWO nice solid canter departs in both directions and ended the lesson with a ride around the stableyard with the rest of the students, even past (with a little coaxing) the scary place where there is a rain tank, a gigantic pile of debris and a door which leads nowhere.  So I'm very pleased all in all with our progress and think that what we need now is just mileage and consistency.

So with that in mind and to try to make sure things stay interesting and productive for both of us since I tend to find myself at a loss for things to do once I'm up in the saddle, I've come up with a kind of a training schedule to try to follow for at least a couple of weeks.  Let's see how it goes:

  • Monday: Short roundpen session (head down, stay / come) and rest of day off
  • Tuesday: Group lesson
  • Wednesday: Jump lesson Sarah, Day off Starbuck
  • Thursday: Resistance training - walk with no leg, consistent trot with minimal leg, seat building (two-point, standing, seated, every-other-posting)
  • Friday: Longeing and in-hand work, short ride at end
  • Saturday:  Dressage or reining patterns, lateral work, transitions, cavaletti and tiny cross-rails
  • Sunday: Some kind of hack out and about, even if it's just around the stableyard.

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