Tuesday, May 15, 2012


We had another farrier visit today, this one's her fourth.  I think Starbuck has taken a disliking to my farrier and only barely tolerates his goings-on, which is frustrating to me since it's so completely undeserved.  Xisco is soothing, laid-back yet confident and competent and never gets angry or agressive.  He's just the kind of guy I'd want to do my hooves if I were a horse.  So the whole time I kind of just stand there attempting to spread "Relax, this is all OK, nothing bad is happening, stand still PLEASE" vibes to her when she gets too antsy or a fly starts bothering her but inwardly I'm really dying a little of shame with every jerk of her leg.

Don't get me wrong, she's mostly good and stood still long enough for him to trim the first three hooves in about 15 minutes.  But that last hind hoof... she was not at all happy and kept grabbing it away, in the end Xisco had to do a little desensitizing by rubbing her leg with a broomstick before she finally stood still long enough for him to finish.  At least he was able to finish, unlike the second time where he had to leave that last hind hoof untrimmed.  Not a disaster, but definitely not a blinding success for me as a trainer-owner.  At least he doesn't seem to hate me and told me again how healthy and pretty her hooves are (although I'm starting to wonder if this is like the "He's got a great personality" compliment).

Anyhow recently I've been trying to get some of the more seasoned kids around the stable to pick out her hooves so she gets used to folks other than me handling her feet.  And the days that she's less than enthusiastic about having her hooves picked up (and I have time), I give her a full pedicure complete with wirebrush cleaning, sponge bath and finally hoof ointment.  And hoping that someday, somehow, the penny will drop and she'll just be cool with it.

One of the things that I've been realizing more fully lately is just how strong Starbuck's personality really is.  She's really kind of a bitch and seriously bossy, which is funny considering how poorly I read her at first.  I was convinced that she was just a sweet yet spooky little greenie who had no aspirations to lead mare status.  Boy was I wrong!  I guess as long as they get to do whatever they want, anyone can seem like the nicest guy in the world.  Good thing I'm even more bossy and bitchy than she is.  Anyhow here are the rest of the photos:

Left front:
Left hind:
Right hind:
Right front:

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